Drew Stromberg

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur

Hi I'm Drew! I'm a software engineer and sometimes entrepreneur. I've worked on/at several very early stage startups and have built complete web products from the ground up. As far as tech goes, I'm strongest on the frontend (React, TypeScript, and NextJS are my favorite tools), although I love learning new things and expanding on what I know and use. Since 2010, I've launched multiple business ventures, some solo and some with teams, learning more each time. In addition to the concept, UX, and actually building these products, I've also been involved with fundraising, pitching, and go-to-market strategy and execution. These experiences, along with the significant time I've spent as a developer in corporate and agency environments, gives me a unique product, process, and leadership perspective.

Roadforge Software
Founding Frontend Engineer
August 2022 - January 2023
Roadforge is a Fractal Software company, founded with investment capital to build a solution for the truck repair industry.
It was a very small team with just 5 people total, so I had the opportunity to work directly with the CEO and CTO as we fleshed out and realized the company vision, turning concept into MVP.
My responsibilities included building out the frontend infrastructure/architecture, assisting with team hiring and onboarding, implementing frontend coding and process standards, planning sprints, helping fix backend issues, and communicating with design contractors, all in a fast-paced and constantly changing early startup environment.
Tech / Tools:
React, TypeScript, React Query, PlayWright, Tailwind, ClickUp, Figma, Agile
Gondola Travel
Software Engineer
June 2022 - August 2022
Gondola is a similar business to Tour Boogie, although with a slightly stronger focus on service rather than automated functionality (ex: Tour Boogie client sites were created dynamically by users, while Gondola client sites required manual staff work). Gondola acquired Tour Boogie in 2022. I worked with them on a short term basis in the summer of 2022 to integrate some of my tech and to bring their existing contractor-built codebase up to date.
My role here was owning the entire platform frontend: I worked with the CEO, CTO, and Head of Product to add new features, develop the product vision, and build out a long term frontend roadmap, and add new features.
My tenure here was short due to the organization's failure to raise sufficient investment to pay me for full time work.
Tech / Tools:
React, TypeScript, Strapi, React Query, MUI, ClickUp, Figma
Principle Studios
Senior Frontend Engineer
2021 - 2022
At Principle, I helped develop a custom client app for Sunnova Solar from the ground up. The app was built with React and TypeScript on the frontend and allowed Sunnova's sales team to generate estimates for their customers. I coordinated with the client, our design team, project managers, and backend developers to scope work and implement features. As Frontend Team Lead, I also assisted with sprint planning, assigning work, and code review.
Tech / Tools:
React, TypeScript, RxJS, Storybook, Tailwind, Jest, HeadlessUI, Jira, Agile
Hawkeye Agency
Developer II
2016 - 2020
I developed pixel-perfect static templates for the Google Account. Assisted Management with project scoping and defining technical requirements. Worked with Team Lead to develop and implement coding standards, assisted with code review, and assisted QA with testing requirements.
Tech / Tools:
HTML, LESS, Jinja, Freemarker, Sketch/Figma, Jira, Waterfall
Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Web Developer
2010 - 2016
Produced responsive custom WordPress and Drupal themes/plugins for a national nonprofit organization. Developed new WP site with custom theme, migrated content/functionality from ModX installation. Worked with stakeholders and organization leads to determine needs, budget, product, and timelines.
Tech / Tools:
Wordpress, Drupal, HTML, SASS, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript